Playa – Game Industry Hub

Playa game industry hub represents a community of game developers and other stakeholders in South-Eastern Finland. Supported by rapid growth of local game industry cluster and top-notch industry know-how and know-who, Playa´s ambition is to grow and expand into one of the main game industry cluster in the world.

Playa Game industry hub is based in Kotka, Finland, nestled between the metropolitan areas of Helsinki and St Petersburg. Playa aims to support the development of the local game industry through a common brand, shared marketing activities, a common development and demo studio “LevelUp” with shared tools and resources. Playa organizes and supports business development activities and attendance in trade fairs and other global game industry events.

Playa deals with private and public financing and business services to game industry start- ups. Playa is currently developing a service portfolio with an objective to provide world leading business incubation within the game industry.
Playa is funded through a number of public financiers and industry development programmes and actively supported by local game developers.