Kavio Cluster

Kavio Cluster is an environment which enables and encourages businesses in gaming industry for better competitiveness in wide, global markets with the help of cluster network. Kavio Cluster brings benefits for its companies and also for the regional policy. Kavio Cluster brings added value for companies in intensifying competition of region´s real estates, know-how and customers. Cluster companies can also take part to co-operative networks and do co-operation both inside and outside of the cluster in their own region, nationally and globally.

The mission of the Kavio Cluster is to increase the successful development of emerging businesses in gaming sector that has unique areas of opportunity. Businesses that graduate through the pipeline move out into the community and contribute to the overall vitality, diversity and growth of the area´s economy. The pipeline provides an environment that allows the region to take an active role in growing their own businesses that will lead to job creation. New businesses and the new jobs they produce create wealth through multiplier effect and new tax generation – that ultimately benefits the community beyond the individuals directly employed in incubator businesses and graduates.

Kavio Cluster is developing and coaching world class game developers and teams that produce high quality games in Kajaani. The teams who have gone through the process will stand out in quality compared to other game startups from other region. The objective is to support all the sectors of the economic life in Kainuu and to assist the region´s key sector companies to develop their know-how in business operation, competitiveness, growth and cooperation as well as to improve key clusters and their condition of actives.

Kavio Cluster consists of gaming companies and specialists, municipality-owned regional development company Kainuun Etu Ltd, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) games education, Innova pre-incubator, Kavio Bootcamp and Kajaani City.