Arkisto: Weekly roundup

Weekly News 02/23

Fingersoft announces the newest addition to the Hill Climb Racing family, LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures!  Finnish Game Jam 2023 (February 3-5, 2023) jammer registrations are open! Submit your game to the Game Audio Awards by January 31st

Weekly News 51/22

Tuomas Erikoinen and Miika Virtanen has formed a new game company called Wild Spark and already released their first game! The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies & Tampere University Game Research Lab has released new Finnish Player Barometer (in Finnish). Pelimetsä website will be updated on next year with a _simple_ CO2 footprint calculator, which can be used as a measure for voluntary donations.

Weekly News 50/22

This week news at the Finnish Games Industry are short.

Weekly News 49/22

Few more Industry events coming before the Christmas and Harha Games has reached one million players!

Weekly News 48/22

Noice is organising an exclusive demo and evening of fun - sign up soon.

Weekly News 47/22

Neogames Finland has put together a checklist for any game studio to use to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

Weekly News 46/22

Yahaha Studios raised $40 million! + New Metacore games incoming as Merge Mansion hits $135m revenue, 30m installs +Psyon Games wins the award for the Most Valuable Patient Education work in the Reuters Pharma Awards Europe 2022 with their ADHD awareness game co-created with Takeda, FULL ADHD. + Remedy Entertainment signs a co-development and co-publishing agreement with 505 Games for Control 2

Weekly News 44&45/22

Highest taxpayers in Finland comes from games industry + BIT ODD comes out of stealth and raises €5m Seed round.

Weekly News 43/22

Makea Games, Finnish game studio raised 1.3mil€ preseed funding round led by Play Ventures.

Weekly News 42/22

Flowstate Games unveils Web3 arcade game Smash Stars: Thunderdome and $2M funding + Neogames & The Finnish Game Developers Association updated their model for CO2 emissions calculations.

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