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Neogames Finland supports the Finnish Game Industry in it’s efforts for sustainable game development. We have compiled a resource library on our website containing materials and projects related to sustainability themes within the domestic game industry.


The Finnish game industry has been pioneering in its approach to environmental responsibility within the sector. Key themes in environmental projects include identifying sources of climate emissions, calculating CO2 emissions, reducing emissions, and safeguarding biodiversity. The industry engages in both national and international collaborations on environmental themes, such as the established domestic forest conservation project Pelimetsä and the global initiative Playing for the Planet.

Social Equity

In the local game industry, social equity themes are best represented by the actions of local industry organizations advocating for equality, inclusion, good working conditions, and human rights. The industry has its own self-regulation tool for determining age ratings for games. Neogames maintains the Code of Conduct used at domestic game industry events and coordinates a Task Force that addresses harassment cases when necessary.

Corporate Governance

Good governance in the game industry includes monitoring and adhering to industry regulations. Neogames Finland follows and participates in discussions about regulations domestically and is also part of the national transparency register. Finnish game companies actively contribute to supporting the local game industry ecosystem.

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