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In the local game industry, social equity themes are best represented by the actions of local industry organizations advocating for equality, inclusion, good working conditions, and human rights. The industry has its own self-regulation tool for determining age ratings for games. Neogames maintains the Code of Conduct used at domestic game industry events and coordinates a Task Force that addresses harassment cases when necessary.

Code of Conduct

The Finnish Game Industry is committed to maintaining a safe community for everyone and has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment in all its forms. In 2018, Neogames introduced a Code of Conduct that covers the workplace, game industry-related events, and is also applicable to game education.

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to ensure that individuals working in or related to the Finnish Game Industry are aware of and committed to fighting against sexual and other forms of harassment, and are knowledgeable about Finnish laws and regulations concerning these matters.

Code of Conduct Download as PDF

Task Force

Finnish game industry organizations (Neogames Finland, IGDA Finland, Finnish Game Jam, Finnish Game Developer Studios, and We in Games) established a harassment task force in the autumn of 2018. The main objective of the task force is to address harassment issues by sharing information and knowledge, providing assistance, and creating general guidelines and procedures. The task force includes members from various industry organizations and educational institutions.

Contact the Task Force Guidelines for Dealing with Harrasment

PEGI Code of Conduct

The Pan-European Game Information System, PEGI, sets a comprehensive set of rules that every game publisher using the PEGI age rating system is contractually committed to following. The PEGI system came into use in 2003, replacing many national age rating systems with a single European system. PEGI is a form of industry co-regulation used in 41 countries. The national representative of the Finnish government in PEGI  is National Audiovisual Institute KAVI. The Finnish game industry actively participates in national, European, and international PEGI actions to improve the protection of minors in the industry.

The PEGI  covers age labelling, promotion, and marketing, reflecting the video game industry’s dedication to responsibly providing information to the public. By using the PEGI age ratings and following PEGI Code of Conduct, the Finnish Game Industry ensures proper age rating labelling, responsible promotion and advertising of video games, and the maintenance of safe online gameplay, thereby upholding high standards of protection of minors and safety.

PEGI Code of Conduct

Finnish Game Industry Organizations Advocating for Social Equity

Several independent associations and initiatives operate on a national level in Finland, advocating for equality, inclusion, good working conditions, and human rights in the field of game development.

We in Games promotes diversity and inclusion within the game industry by supporting underrepresented groups. Better Games Together is a collective of Finnish game studios with the shared goal of making the game industry safer and more accepting of LGBTQIA+ people and their identities.

Game Makers of Finland is a local union for game industry employees, which focuses on developing, supporting, and assisting everyone in the game industry by improving working conditions and creating best practices. The association, titled Peliala ry in Finnish, is a part of Association of IT sector Employees (Tietoala ry) and Union of Professional Engineers (Insinööriliitto IL ry).

We in Games Better Games Together Game Makers of Finland

Playbook for Inclusive Game Development and Marketing by Rovio

To bring more transparency to its work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Finnish mobile game developer Rovio launched a Playbook for Inclusive Game Development and Marketing in 2023, disclosing Rovio’s approach to making games more inclusive. The Playbook is available for free download on Rovio’s website and serves as a comprehensive resource for creating games that cater to a diverse audience.

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