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Master of Social Sciences: Master’s Degree Programme in Game Studies

Expanding from entertainment to other areas of life, games have grown into a form of culture and human interaction that is a crucial part of our social life and current media landscape.

The programme is particularly targeted at training experts on games and play. We approach games and play from the interconnected perspectives of games, game players, production of games, and games in cultures. These four perspectives open up to the following four areas: analysing the meaning and form of games and play; understanding the people who play games and the game cultures they create; addressing questions relating to the creation and development of games; and making sense of the societal and cultural framing of games.

The programme will give you the academic skills needed to analyse, observe, and understand the developments in this field of study while also encouraging a more pragmatic involvement and hands-on attitude as an expert of games and play.

Graduates typically combine the skills and knowledge derived from this programme with previous studies and proficiencies that enable them to work in various professional roles, in research, public sector, as well as in industry. The possible jobs of graduates include researchers, industry professionals, critics, and specialists working with the interpretation, evaluation, and implementation of games and related fields, such as social media.

The programme is founded on the long history of education and research conducted at the Tampere University’s Game Research Lab. At Tampere University, this internationally acclaimed research group coordinates the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies funded by the Academy of Finland in 2018-2025.

Contact persons: Jaakko Stenros, jaakko.stenros@tuni.fi, Kati Alha kati.alha@tuni.fi

Duration of studies: 2 years / 120 ECTS

Language in studies: English

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