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How do I fund my game project or startup? Who should I talk to? Are there grants that I can apply for? Don’t worry, #GetFunded24 is here!

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On Tuesday 16th April 2024, Neogames Finland organized the 5th edition of Get Funded!, a full day of talks about business and development funding instruments available for local game developers in Finland. The event was hosted by our partner HypeHype at their Helsinki headquarters. The live stream was handled by our partners at IGDA Finland.

During the day, experts from both public and private funding bodies and other organizations presented about funding options and valuable business advice for game developers. We heard from Business Finland, Sisu Game Ventures, Avance, Nitro Games, The European Union’s Creative Europe programme, AVEK, Finnvera and The Finnish Patent and Registration Office, as well as local game industry initiatives in Espoo and Kajaani.

#GetFunded24 Agenda

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