Joensuu Science Park

Joensuu Science Park Business Incubator helps to implement the business ideas and expertly guide companies through the challenging early years onto a path of growth. Game Business ideas in Joensuu Science Park are developed in an open Game studio called OASIS, that is a 150 sqm studio environment located in the best premises Joensuu Science Park can provide.

Even before the company is established, Joensuu Science Park provides assistance in the so-called pre-incubator phase with regard to developing competence, finding the required special expertise, customer contacts, partners and potential sources of financing as well as compiling a functional business model for the ideas.

Joensuu Science Park Expert Services will provide you with the right tools for developing business and making it more efficient. Instead of having to look for a suitable service provider, you can just choose the best expert from Joensuu Science Park and our extensive networks.

Joensuu Science Park works in close co-operation with three North Karelian educational institutes, that are giving teaching in different areas of game development – from top of the line 3D graphics to game programming. All of the students have access to OASIS Game studio, where education meets game development in projects that are professionally led by partnered game companies.