Game connection Paris 2013 – Neogames/NGI Offer


Deadline of the offer is closed
* What is Game Connection?  Game Connection is not a trade fair as GDC or Gamescom. The whole idea of Game Connection is to offer participants possibility to have 30 – 40 targeted half an hour meetings   with parties they really want to meet.
* Why should I go? If you have a product, service, demo, even concept and you want to meet publishers, investors,  co-operation partners or potential customers, this is it. Ultimate place to be.
* How is it organized? Game Connection Paris is organized by NGI, operated by Neogames in co-operation with other Nordic clusters. Dataspelsbranschen, Produsentforeningen NO and DK and IGI.
* How does it Work?
– You rent a table or closed booth. (see prices and details below)
– You create yourself a profile to meeting application (incl. to the price).
– Some weeks before the event, meeting application opens to participants so, that you can actually book metings with interesting parties.
– During the show you just have those pre booked meetings at your table / booth or some other place.
More info:

* When is it:
December 3.-5. 2013

* Where is it:
Les Docks de Paris, 50, Avenue du Président Wilson, 93200 Saint Denis La Plaine.

* NGI offer
:  NGI has negotiated to all of it´s members a sweet deal containing prolongation of Super Early Bird deadline until 27.9  and some subsidy from NGI.  See below
Premium Exhibitor Booth : 4300€ (Actual price 5300€. Super Early Bird & NGI discount -1000)

Exhibitor Table : 2300€ (Actual price 3250. Super Early Bird & NGI discount -950)

Business Pass : 1790€ (Actual price 2290. Super Early Bird & NGI discount -500)

Standard Pass : 560€ (740€ – 180€ Early Bird Discount)

Conference Pass : 300€    

* How to register: by e-mail koopee@neogames.fiPlease, mark as subject “GC Paris 2013 registration”
* Deadline and DISCLAIMER: Final deadline for registrations is 27.9. This is not negotiable. Quod scripsi, scripsi.
Since space is limited, registrations are accepted first-come-first served-bases. Registration is binding.

* Required info:
– Name of the company
– Address
– Invoice information / VAT-number
– Contact person tel. / e-mail
– Participants

* Invoicing
: The whole amount is invoiced after registration by NGI
* More info: / +358405324176. Please, use mail if possible.