Games Market Study: China, Japan and South Korea

This study gives a brief overview of the games markets in China, Japan and South Korea (Republic of Korea). The main focus of this study is on the South Korean and Japanese games markets. The Chinese games market was investigated in detail in an earlier study published on the Neogames Finland website in 2016.
Asia-Pacific (APAC) is the biggest games market area in the world in 2018, with a 47 % share of the global game revenues. More than half, 1.6 billion, of the global 3 billion smartphone users live in the APAC area and its three biggest national games markets are China, Japan and South Korea. Due to their large market size, these markets are also appealing for Finnish game developers.
In 2019, Neogames Finland Assn. received funding from the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education to investigate the Japanese and South Korean games markets. This study gives a brief overview of these markets for Finnish game developers, mapping out new business opportunities in these areas.  Due to the significant role of the Chinese games market, Neogames has also updated its information regarding it and included those updates in this report.
This report is based on freely available market data (sources mentioned in the footnotes) and interviews with Japanese, South Korean and Nordic game developers and other industry experts.
Download the study here
White paper below combines the study in one page: