Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Member of Neogames

Metropolia University of Applied sciences offers gaming studies in two majors:
– Game Development in Information Technology
– 3D Animation and Visualisation in Design

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers an opportunity to study engineering degree with a focus on game development. Two groups start the Game Development programme yearly, one in Finnish and the other in English. The programme focuses mostly on software development and programming (C# & C++) and Game Engines such as Unity and Unreal engine. After graduation one can work in the game industry but also do other software development. More information about the programme and courses, please contact head of major Antti Laiho (

Contact person: Antti Laiho,

Metropolia UAS offers game art studies in the 3D Animation and Visualisation major. The 3D studies give the student comprehensive skills to apply 3D art production methods in the game industry and other fields that utilize real-time 3d graphics such as film&TV, design visualization, animation and XR experiences.

Contact person: Kristian Simolin,

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