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Xamk offers two opportunities to become game industry professional. Game Design is taught by English and introduced below. Engineering degree from game programming is taught mainly by Finnish and more information of this degree is on our Finnish site. Part of the game programming education is available for exchange students and is introduced below.

Bachelor of Culture and Arts: Game Design 

The graduates of the Game Design degree will master game production with an emphasis on planning and developing games and acquiring a clear understanding of the game industry. The basic studies cover arts and design skills, design methods and professional tools. The education centers around 3D modeling, concept art, script writing and game mechanics. Different game design concepts will be explored in workshops, leading to design-orientated multidisciplinary projects in cooperation with various organizations.

The programme aims to provide competence in global game design entrepreneurship with hands-on experience and a holistic approach to visual game design concepts.

Duration of studies: 4 years / 240 ECTS

Language in studies: English

Game Programming exchange program (one- or two-semester long mobility, not leading to a degree)

Studying Game Programming gives you a good starting point to design, test and develop game products. International events and networking play a key role in game industry culture. During your studies you can participate in several game industry events and form professional networks. Collaboration with game and software industry professionals gives students the possibility to work in various companies and publish commercial products already during their studies.

Duration of game studies: 30 ECTS, one or two semesters, not leading to a degree

Language in studies: English


Game education contact person: Marko Oras,

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