Neogames’ commitments for 2024 in Playing for the Planet Alliance

Neogames has been part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance since autumn 2021. The progress in those commitments is checked every year, and so the commitments are also updated every year.

For 2024, Neogames commits to:

  • Neogames will test and do further development for our online calculator
  • Neogames will map the carbon footprint of the Finnish Game Industry
  • Neogames will check the possibilities of improvements first to our calculation model, later possibly to the calculator, due to Playing for the Planet and Carbon Trust’s paper.
  • Neogames will calculate and compensate all own unavoidable emissions from business travels.
  • We will support the recruitment of new members by facilitating ad-hoc introductions and provide information to Finnish game companies potentially interested in joining the Playing for the Planet Alliance (full member) or to take part in the Alliance’s annual Green Game Jam
  • Neogames will support and promote Pelimetsä project that protects old Finnish forests. Protection of these forests prevents further CO2 emissions and supports richer biodiversity.