The List of Finnish Games Globally released on 2018

Developer Game Published Platform
10tons Ltd Tesla vs Lovecraft by 10tons January
PC, STEAM, Mac, Linux, PS4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, iOS
3rd Eye Studios Downward Spiral: Horus Station May PC, STEAM, PS4
4mob games Animal Batch April iOS & Android
AC Entertainment Lock her App October iOS & Android
Add Inspiration Rooster Booster xxx Android
Alexandre Ferrero Sling Smash October iOS & Android
Apil Karki Hopper’s Musical Adventure November iOS & Android
BeiZ Lolan oppipaketti Pro xxx
BelleGames Ltd. Bob’s Cat Challenge August Windows 10 desktop, Xbox One
Bitecore Bounce Rescue! May PC, STEAM, Xbox One
Black Poodle Entertainment Beer and Skittls VR March PC, STEAM
Black Poodle Entertainment Outbreak in Space VR April PC, STEAM
BonGames Transit King January iOS & Android
Bugbear Wreckfest June PC, STEAM
Catland The Spy Who Shrunk Me is coming XXX PC, STEAM, VR
Convict Games Stone: A Hip Hop Stoner Noir September PC, STEAM
Critical Force Oy Critical Ops October iOS & Android
CSE Entertainment cycloBEAT September PC
CSE Entertainment Deepsea Run September PC
CSE Entertainment Lite Step June PC
CSE Entertainment Parkour Extreme January PC
CSE Entertainment runBEAT July PC
CSE Entertainment Street Racing March PC
Dark Amber Softworks Avenging Angel June PC, STEAM
Destimus Games Clickbait: Tap to Fish November iOS
Direlight Grimvalor October iOS
Escapism Artworks Far-Out: OST February PC, STEAM
Fat Tail Productions UnStabbed – Knife Circus June iOS & Android
Firetail Games Drunkenpants January PC, STEAM
Fitness Village Fitness Village August
Frak Oy ltd Gladiator Bastards April iOS & Android
Frogmind Badland Brawl October iOS & Android
Fun Academy Fun Academy Patterns May iOS & Android
FuturePlay Battle Bombers Arena March iOS & Android
FuturePlay Battlelands Royale March iOS & Android
Halflike Sleepy Jumper May iOS & Android
Happy Hobgoblin Oy Royal Adviser August iOS & Android, Switch
HELYEES Panzer Hearts April PC, STEAM
Iceflake Studios Oy Ice Lakes April Android
JetDogs Studios Kids of Hellas: back to Olympus September PC
JetDogs Studios Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance September PC
JetDogs Studios Travel Mosaics November PC, STEAM
JetDogs Studios Shopping Clutter November PC, STEAM
JetDogs Studios Doodle God 2: fantasy world of magic September PC
JetDogs Studios Doodle God 1 September PC
JetDogs Studios Doodle Kingdom September PC
JetDogs Studios 12 Labours of Hercules 8 October PC, STEAM
JetDogs Studios Alicia Quatermain 3: the mystery of the Flaming Gold June PC, STEAM
JetDogs Studios Archimedes: Eureka! May iOS, Android, PC, Steam
Jumibois Army of Squirrels February PC, STEAM
Kajak Games FINSummerVR June PC
Kajak Games Frog Out! September PC
Kajak Games Sabreus – A Noble Duel September PC
Kajak Games Tanks With Hands: Armed and Treaded September PC
Kiemura Oy Rapid Roller May iOS & Android
Kiemura Oy Picky Package December iOS
Kiemura Oy Tap Roller May iOS & Android
Kimble Games Drag Bikes – Best new Drag Racing November iOS
Kimble Games Drifting Bike August iOS
kimmo halonen Wheelie Rider 3D August iOS
Kimmo Lahtinen Barbearian August PC, Steam & iOS
Kolibri Studios Oy Land Crashers April iOS
Kuuasema Bike Unchained 2 September iOS & Android
Kuura Playhouses O’mage
Kyy Games Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards January PC, STEAM
Lizard Hazard Games Your Royal Gayness January PC, STEAM
Lizard Hazard Games LoveBug August PC, STEAM
Merge Games and Still Running The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition August PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
Mlyst Super X Chess October PC, STEAM
Mobiteos Safari Kart March iOS & Android
Next Games The Walking Dead: Our World July iOS & Android
Niko Pesonen Up a Cave February iOS & Android
Nitro Games Heroes of Warland November iOS & Android
Oddrok HeliHopper January iOS
Oddrok Best Rally July iOS & Android
Part Time Monkey Great Race – Route 66 out for iOS November iOS
Part Time Monkey Ball Grabbers July PC, STEAM
Part Time Monkey Space Frontier 2 June iOS
Pelite Productions Roller Crash – Endless Runner April iOS & Android
Please Be Patient Gates of Horn and Ivory September PC, STEAM
Plush Pop Soft Rapid Magic October iOS
Polar Night Games Terra Feminarum February PC
RatByte Games Oy Cardboard Wars June PC, STEAM
Rival Games Ltd Thief of Thieves: Season One July PC, XboxOne
Rusto Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters August PC, STEAM, Xbox One
Samu Saarikivi Swingo – Endless Rope Swing August Android
Second Order Claybook August-September PC, STEAM, PS4, XboxOne
SecretExit Zen Bound 2 June Nintendo Switch
Shotgun Gaming Clay Hunt START! November iOS & Android
Shotgun Gaming Duckz! December iOS & Android
Shiver Games Lucius III December PC, STEAM
SIEIDI Ltd Westard January PC, STEAM
Snowfall Ltd. Moomin Match & Explore August iOS & Android
Snowfall Ltd. Moomin Sticker App January Android
Spawn Point OSK Gerty XXX PC, STEAM
Steady Mushroom Ltd. Hello Pollution! August PC
StupidStupid Games NoReload Heroes July PC, STEAM, Nintendo Switch
Sulake Corporation Oy Hotel Hideaway March iOS
Supercell Brawl Stars December iOS & Android
Team RUN! / Super God Haste Heist February PC, STEAM
TicBts Crazy Defense Heroes January iOS
Tree Men Games Pako forever October iOS & Android
Valo Motion ValoJump June custom hardware
Ville Helin Lunar Walker June Android
Ville Helin Bearwood Racing July Android
Virtual Air Guitar Company Boom Ball 3 June iOS
Vrkiwi, Mekiwi Cave Digger: Riches August PC, STEAM, Oculus