The List of Finnish Games Globally released on 2019

Aarre Safari Ride July
Armada Interactive Duel Puzzle Wars June iOS & Android
10tons Undead Horde May-October Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Mac ja Linux
Aikio The Unintended Consequences of Curiosity March PC, STEAM
Adventure Islands Total Party Kill July iOS & Android, PC, STEAM
AnvilBird Interactive Balancelot May PC, STEAM
BigFun Corporation People Vs People December iOS
Bitecore Rescue Tale December Nintendo Switch
Catland The Spy Who Shrunk Me is coming June PC, STEAM, VR
Codespace Ky Mullin Mallin word puzzle December Android
Combo Breaker Sociable Soccer November Apple Arcade, iOS/tvOS/macOS
Cornfox & Brothers Oceanhorn 2 September iOS & Android, Apple Arcade, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
Ctrl Alt Ninja Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest May PC, STEAM
FakeFish & Undertow Games Barotrauma June PC, STEAM
Fat Tail Productions Jaywalking: Legends May iOS & Android
Fat Tail Productions Fast Soccer March iOS & Android
Fractile Games Hyper Ultra Astronautics September
Frogmind Rumble Stars Football May iOS & Android
Frozenbyte Trine 4 October PC, STEAM, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
Hangover Games Oy PC, Web-browser, mobile
Happy Hobgoblin Icesolation March PC, STEAM
Headfish Entertainment Löydä & Opi: Eläimet! Opetuspeli lapsille suomeksi May Android
Helmi Games Bouncer Story October iOS & Android
Helmi Games Bouncer Story September iOS & Android
Hempuli Baba Is You March PC, STEAM, Nintendo Switch
JetDogs Studios Hercules VIII April iOS & Android
JetDogs Studios Hercules IX October iOS & Android
JetDogs Studios Alicia Quatermain 2 June iOS & Android
JetDogs Studios Travel Mosaics: A Paris Tour December Nintendo Switch
Kiemura Picky Package February iOS & Android
Kimble Games Drag Bikes June Android
Kimble Games Drag Bikes 2 – Scooter vs Dragster V2 March iOS & Android
Kopla Games/Flaregames Nonstop Knight 2 June iOS & Android
Koukoi Games Crashing Season Run September iOS & Android
Mantisbite Bandit Point October PC, STEAM
Meizi Games Hoppu! October Android
Mekiwi Cave Digger: Riches September Oculus Quest
MiTale Sanalanka October ??
Motionvolt Games Backflipper January iOS & Android
Motionvolt Games Flip Runner October iOS & Android
Nopia Oku Game – The DJ Runner September iOS & Android
Oddrok Boom Pilot July iOS & Android
PanzerDog Tacticool January iOS & Android
Part Time Monkey Peggy August iOS
Part Time Monkey Tasty Time! June iOS
Part Time Monkey In ‘n Out June iOS
Part Time Monkey Pogo Sky January iOS & Android
Part Time Monkey Row Row January iOS
Part Time Monkey & Nitroyale Hitty Knife April Android
Pasi Hanninen Classic Color Solitaire July Mac App Store
Patsui Games Mostly Intense Monster Defense September PC, STEAM
Piston Media Scatteria – Post-apocalyptic shooter November PC, STEAM
Playstack Snatch July iOS & Android
QuickSave Stars Ascend Android
Red Nettle Studio Min&Max December PC / WebGL
Red Nettle Studio Solid-Rush Kingdom September PC / WebGL
Remedy Entertainment Control August PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Rival Games Ltd and Theory Interactive Alien: Blackout January IOS & Android
Rovio Angry Birds Dream Blast January iOS & Android
Rovio & Resolution Games Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is here! February HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Rovio Sugar Blast September iOS & Android
Sadetta Premium Bowling October PC, STEAM & Oculus Store
Seriously Best Fiends Stars. November iOS & Android
Shipyard Games GoCity October? iOS
Team Jolly Roger Worbital January PS4, Xbox One and Switch
Team Jolly Roger Mushroom Crusher Extreme May PC, STEAM
The Meininki Studios ABANDONED – Planet Deserra June Kongregate
Timi Koponen Ubi’s Dimensions November iOS & Android
Tree Men Games HELI 100 Season 2 June iOS & Android
Tree Men Games HELI 100 June iOS & Android
Two Men and a Dog Walk Master June iOS & Android
Ubisoft RedLynx Trials Rising February PS4, X1, PC, Switch
Valo Motion Super Stomp Trampoline game
Ville Helin Imperfect Balance Collection December iOS & Android
Ville Helin Perfect Balance Collection November iOS & Android
Whamgames GNRBLEX July PC, STEAM
Youth Control Games Mixmstr November iOS & Android