The List of Finnish Games Globally released on 2020

4Good Games Planet Patrol: Oceans February iOS & Android, Nintendo Switch
10th Muse Sana: Interactive Stories June iOS & Android
10tons Skeletal Avenger PC / STEAM
Actionsquad Iron Danger March PC / STEAM
Adventure Islands Games Heart Star March PC / STEAM
Barracuda Disaster Solar Panic January PC / STEAM
BigFun Corporation People Vs People February Android
Boreal Foundry
Bugbyte Space Haven May PC / STEAM
Double Star Bow Land January iOS & Android
Frogmind Rumble Hockey May iOS & Android
HipFire Games Blastworld May R headsets on Steam, SideQuest and Viveport
Jestercraft My Shadow PC / STEAM + Index, Oculus, Vive
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Augur of light May PC / STEAM
Kamina Dimension MindSeize February PC / STEAM
Kimble Games Freestyle King April iOS & Android
Koukoi Games Om Nom: Run February iOS & Android
Lightheart Games Mr Autofire May iOS & Android
Lightneer (&Voodoo) Good Slice June iOS & Android
Mindhaven Games Sky Beneath TBA PC / STEAM
Nighthouse Games Sockventure: Prologue May PC / STEAM
Oddrok Make Match March iOS & Android
Oddrok Early Worm February Anndroid
Platonic Partnership Good Mourning October PC / STEAM
Platonic Partnership Haastepeli – Kuka lähtee mukaan? July iOS & Android
Please Be Patient Finnish Army Simulator TBA PC / STEAM
Random Potion The Dark Eye : Book of Heroes June PC / STEAM
Resistance Games Company of Crime August PC / STEAM
Rovio Small Town Murders June iOS & Android
Snowhound Games RPG Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition March PC / STEAM
Superplus Games Hills of Steel 2 June iOS & Android
Takomo Games Pocket Roguelike March Android
Ticca Story Scribe March
Traplight Games Battle Legion July iOS & Android
Tree Men Games Astalo May iOS & Android
QuickSave Toilet Paper – The Game April Facebook messenger
QuickSave Balloon Boy June Facebook messenger
Vitali Kirpu Ragnorium TBA PC / STEAM