Play Finland’s Weekly Newsletter
In this report we will combine this week’s happenings from the Finnish Game Industry. Check out all the events, news and job openings!
We are vary grateful for all of those who helped us in organizing the Finnish Game Awards and those who attended and those who watched the live stream. Congrats once again to all the winners and we will soon have images from the event!
Neogames’ latest report on the Finnish game industry 2015


  • Data Realms’ Planetoid Pioneers has been launched on Steam Early Access
  • Armadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll by Tuiske Productions in now available at the App Store
  • Aeonic Entertainment’ Action Legion is now released at Steam
  • BitWeird introduces you to the wonderful life of a factory worker in their first released mobile game, Defected Product
  • Mindfield Games released their first VR game P.O.L.L.E.N for PC. It’s yours to grab from Steam, Playfield and other digital stores
  • Majasalmi Ltd’s Heavy Rockets cave shooter game is now available at the App Store
  • Parta Games’ Choppa Acting against orders and the odds (Apps for earth) has been global launched for Rick Guyvers crazy helicopter rescue mission
  • Jani Tolonen’s second published game, Ghost Run is available at Google Play
  • Ice Lakes by Iceflake Studios is now out at Steam


Open jobs:

Other news:

  • Sisu Game Ventures is an exclusive advisory and investment company that advises and has invested in several Finnish game companies
  • Pocket Gamer: Armada Interactive raises $3 million to give core mobile gaming a hard push
  • Veteran Finnish game developer Antti Kallioinen has passed away at the age of 42. His co-workers and colleagues at Housemarque want to offer their condolences to his family and friends
  •  If you are going to Taipei Game Developers forum and have been doing volunteering for Global Game Jam, apply this

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