Three steps ahead | Materials

Finnish parliamentary elections have been held and negotiations for a new government are currently underway. Neogames Finland follows the discussions closely and communicates to new policy makers of key steps the new Finnish government should take to support the local games industry.

We have created materials related to our policy targets optimized for social media channels. The materials are be in Finnish, as they are aimed to local policy makers and translations into English are provided. Feel free to join the discussion and share our posts and materials in your own social channels.


Continuity of game industry support (video 1×1, mp4, 36 sek)

Translation of video content:

The success of the Finnish Game Industry is not a coincidence. It is a result of joint efforts by local companies, the public sector and civil society.

Supporting the local game industry has been a profitable investment.

  • Joy of gaming for over 2 billion players
  • Export of Finnish culture
  • 2B€ in tax income 2017-2021

How do we secure the industry’s growth?

  • International talent acquisition
  • Fix local game education
  • More support for entrepreneurs
  • Better resources for support organizations
  • Constant development of ecosystem

Continuity: Transferring from project-based to long term support.

Functionality: Finland must offer the best support instruments and public services in the world.

Accessibility: Support instruments and systems should be accessible to all industry members equally.

Game industry communities (video 1×1, mp4, 20 sek)

Translation of video content:

  • Success in game industry is built in co-operation
  • Increase resources for regional clusters
  • Secure good passenger connections from Finland to abroad

Public support for businesses and entrepeneurs (video 1×1, mp4, 20 sek)

Translation of video content:

  • Finland needs to have the world’s best support services for running a game business
  • Secure funding for DigiDemo and create a production incentive covering the game industry
  • A well-functioning internal digital market in the EU is essential for Finnish game industry’s competitiveness

Roadmap for local game education (video 1×1, mp4, 25 sek)

  • Translation of the video content:
    • Fix the funding and resources of game industry training
    • Include game development in arts education curriculum
    • Internship guarantee
    • Entrepreneurship guarantee
    • Pilot for use of artificial intelligence in the creative industries

International Talent Aquisition (video 1×1, mp4, 25 sek)

  • Translation of the video content:
    • Immigrating to Finland must be possible in seven days.
    • Bureaucracy related to immigration and international remote work must be cut down.
    • All phases of the process must be accessible in English.

Games as Finnish culture (video 1×1, mp4, 25 sek)

  • Hashtags: #SuomalaisenKulttuurinPäivä #Kalevalanpäivä
  • Translation of the video content:
    • Turnover of the Finnish game industry is over 3B eur
    • 98% of the income comes from exports
    • Over 2B people have played a game developed in Finland
    • Based on turnover the Finnish games industry is the largest culture industry in Finland
    • Read more about Finnish game industry’s policy targets 2023-2027

Games as Finnish culture, story (video 9×16, mp4, 15 sek)

Three steps ahead (video, mp4, 25 sek)