Colossal Order Ltd was awarded as The Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2015 at DigiExpo in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. The award was given for the sixth time.
Colossal Order was founded in 2009 in Tampere and is best known for its game Cities: Skylines that was published in the Spring 2015. Cities: Skylines is a success in sales and in reviews and as such proven that rumours of the death of PC games and PC gaming are premature.

The jury stated the following:

“Colossal Order is a game studio that has, from the very beginning, focused on both the game development and the business development. Some of their choices might look unconventional: the focus on PC platform, collaboration with a publisher, locating the studio outside the capital area etc. However, for them those have been justified and viable choices. Their example shows that a studio seeking success in the game industry must have abilities to independently plan its business and to recognize its strenghts and possibilities.”

The Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2015 award was given at DigiExpo fair in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center during the opening day on October 30th. The value of the award handed by Suomen Messusäätiö is 3000 euros. The winner was elected by a jury that was comprised of members of Neogames Finland ry, FIGMA ry and Suomen Messut.

More information about the award:
Director KooPee Hiltunen, Neogames
Tel. +35840 5324176, e-mail:
Office and Community Manager Emma Luoto, Neogames
Tel. +35840 8428736, e-mail:

Past winners
2014: Petri Järvilehto / Seriously Digital Entertainment
2013: Toni Fingerroos / Fingersoft
2012: Lasse Louhento / Supercell
2011: Ari Pulkkinen / Aritunes
2010: Jaakko Iisalo / Rovio