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In this report we will combine weeks 16/2023 from the Finnish Game Industry and will be posted every Friday afternoon. Check out the previous post here.

News are gathered from the Play Finland group posts during the week. That is why we recommend you to post by yourself (however not flood) your Finnish Game Industry related news to the group. It also guarantees that your news will be visible in the weekly newsletter /news compilation. Play Finland is at the moment one of the main channels for sharing information inside the industry.

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  • Julius Chávez is organizing a speedmeeting recruitment event for the Actors in Helsinki association, who represents the majority of freelance actors working in the Capital region. Previously such events have been held for film and tv, but now we want to branch out to games. At the moment,Julius probing what level of interest is there for game companies to participate.

📃 Other News

  • #GameCity Kajaani project brings growth to local game industry (Article in Finnish)
  • Neogames Finland ry. attended Business Finland’s strategy seminar today to discuss Finland’s national strategy for #metaverse. Neogames’ KooPee Hiltunen hosted a group discussion at the working group for Consumer Metaverse. Finnish Game Industry will be a key innovator in local metaverse concepts in the future.
  • The Game Development World Championship is celebrating its 2022 awards on April 22nd. . If you don’t already know about them, they’re a game dev competition based in Espoo, with over 3,600 game submissions last year, they’re just about ready to award the best of the best in 15 different categories, ranging from student games to 200+ dev teams.
  • PELIKAN project by Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu is  collecting the views of people working in the games industry on what skill level the current job applicants are and what kind of skills they should have.
    · Game programming

    · Game graphics 

    · Game production 

    · Game design 

    Please answer the survey by 1.5.2023.

  • around 30 replies – please donate your time for me (and science)! Please share at your company Slack or similar and leave questions unanswered if you don’t feel like you can answer all questions.  Results will be shared on next Monday on the GN! Event Day (watch the stream live at https://www.twitch.tv/gamesnowaaltofi/
  • Talent Scaler (Call 1) mainly targets higher game education institutions interested in building an EIT labelled Master’s programme
    Skills Fitter (Call 2) mainly targets game education institutions building lifelong learning courses
    Breakthrough Lab (Call 3) mainly targets game developer studios interested in developing and testing innovative products, processes, or services
    Venture Factory (Call 4) mainly targets organisations interested in developing and delivering fit-for-purpose incubation and/or accelerator programmes
    Community Catalyser (Call 5) mainly targets non-formal game education institutions (e.g. game dev clubs or game jam organisers) interested in helping local communities to develop and implement innovative solutions for shared or similar challenges
    The submission deadline for Expressions of Interest is rapidly approaching, so make sure to check out the summary of the calls
  • Bonus Stage Publishing and Finnish Kamara Creations, the developers of Redgar: The Space Viking signed publishing deal.
  • Jyväskylä’s Biggest LAN event was hold on last Friday (Article in Finnish)