Weekly News 4/22

Play Finland’s Weekly Newsletter

In this report we will combine week 4/2022from the Finnish Game Industry and will be posted every Friday afternoon. Check out the previous post here.

News are gathered from the Play Finland group posts during the week. That is why we recommend you to post by yourself (however not flood) your Finnish Game Industry related news to the group. It also guarantees that your news will be visible in the weekly newsletter /news compilation. Play Finland is at the moment one of the main channels for sharing information inside the industry.

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👉 Events:

See also The Game Industry Events calendar 📆 Game Conference Guide Calendar 📆Flemish Game association calendar & Game Industry Biz

📝 Open jobs & Recruitment:

  • Social First is looking for:
    ⭐️ Backend Software Developer
    ⭐️ Tools Programmer
    ⭐️ 3D Ertist
    ⭐️ Unity UI Programmer
    ⭐️ Unity Game Programmer
    ⭐️ Senior Technical Artist
    ⭐️ Senior Game Economy Designer
    ⭐️ Level Designer
    ⭐️ Game Designer (Game Play)
    ⭐️ Game Designer (World)
    ⭐️ Concept Artist
  • If you are looking for talented games industry professionals for short- or long-term hire – please check out the anonymous GameDevTalents board with screened and pre-interviewed talents ranging from mid to senior levels of experience and open to career opportunities. Feel free to reach out for details! And if you are Talent working in games industry or willing to join the Finnish games industry, feel free to apply https://gamedevtalents.comTake a look at https://thehub.fi/jobs for the current list of all jobs available in the Finnish Game Industry!
💖 New releases 🤩
  • Kiemura released Emojly, Wordle with emojis. Download on App Store  Coming to Google Play soon!
💬 Discussion
  • Neogames is asking Play Finland members intentions to attend on Pocket Gamer Connects London (onsite) and GDC San Francisco (onsite). Result by Fri 28th was:
    • 31 not going to GDC
    • 20 attending to Pocket Gamer London
    • 15 attending to San Francisco
    • 12 not going to Pocket gamer London
    • 12 maybe attending to GDC
  • Jussi Elonen has a question regarding they own (and possibly many others) situation. They ase looking to make a career change to the gaming industry. It is difficult to find job openings which don’t require the usual 3 – 5-year experience within the industry. Almost all the open positions in production require a minimum of 3 years of experience.
📃 Other News