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In this report we will combine week 45/2021 from the Finnish Game Industry and will be posted every Friday afternoon. Check out the previous post here.

News are gathered from the Play Finland group posts during the week. That is why we recommend you to post by yourself (however not flood) your Finnish Game Industry related news to the group. It also guarantees that your news will be visible in the weekly newsletter /news compilation. Play Finland is at the moment one of the main channels for sharing information inside the industry.

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👉 Events:

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📢 Announcements:
  • The Finnish Game Awards 2021 at YouTube .
  • Nolla Games with their original indie game Noita was awarded as the Finnish Game of the Year 2020, and it also won Big Screen Game of the Year 2020 award.
    • The International Association of Game Developers Finnish chapter IGDA Finland awarded Joni Finne as a Volunteer of the Year 2020. The IGDA Lifetime Achievement Award went to Natasha Skult, former chairman of the Finnish IGDA and current chair of the international IGDA.
    • The grand prize of a Bit1 student game competition was handed to Team Script Deprived, whose game DreamScript won the competition last spring.
    • Boom Corp was awarded as a Rookie of the Year 2020.
    • Action Squad Studios received Creative Achievement of the Year 2020 Award
    • Merge Mansion by Metacore was chosen as the Small Screen Game of the Year 2020.
  • Rovio von big at the ​​NYX Game Awards!

📝 Open jobs & Recruitment:

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