On Friday, the new Finnish prime minister Petteri Orpo unveiled his government’s ambitious four-year program, outlining their plans for the nation. The immigration legislation tsunami, introduced in the new program, caused an immediate surge of anxiety in the Finnish game developer studios and the international talent they rely on. The proposed measures would propel the Finnish immigration practices one step forward and two steps back, jeopardising the industry’s global competitiveness. 

Three ways to bring Finland to the forefront of the digital shift

During Autumn 2018, Neogames summarised, for a second time, a comprehensive overview of the political objectives of the entire ecosystem of the Finnish game industry. The full policy paper can be downloaded from:–2024.pdf The policy paper is available in Finnish here 1. ATTRACTING THE WORLD’S TOP TALENT TO FINLAND Attracting the world’s top talent to […]

A year in Helsinki Games Industry

  With the help of Baltic Game Industry project Neogames has published a summary of an year in Helsinki Games Industry ecosystem. A printable pdf can be downloaded from here:

2018: Finnish Games Industry in 2017

2017 was the year of maturation for the Finnish Game Industry. The listing of four Finnish gaming companies into the stock exchange was a major milestone for the industry. According to Neogames Finland Association, also the middle class of the Finnish gaming industry clearly strengthened in 2017, and the year was third consecutive year when […]

2018: The Helsinki Model of Games Industry Talent Building

With the help of Baltic Game Industry project Neogames has published a summary of the Helsinki Model of Games Industry Talent Building. The current version of the model can be downloaded from:

Baltic Game Industry 2017-2020

Our project “Baltic Game Industry” (BGI) aims towards boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea region (BSR), granting worldwide competitiveness and increasing the overall capacity for innovation. The map of European games industry reveals some clear hotspots of high game development activities in BSR. There is a major opportunity for regional businesses, innovation intermediaries […]

The Finnish Game Awards 2017

Suomen pelinkehittäjät ry. ja Neogames järjestävät jälleen vuotuisen The Finnish Game Awards  peligaalan vuosimallia 2017. Juhlimme suomalaisen pelialan menestystä ja palkitsimme alan suunnannäyttäjät 27. huhtikuuta, Helsingissä, Club Capitalissa. Suomen pelinkehittäjät ry (Finnish Game Developer Studios association) and Neogames (The Hub of the Finnish Game Industry) will organise The Finnish Game Awards 2017!  We will be celebrating the […]