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In this report we will combine week 10/2022 from the Finnish Game Industry and will be posted every Friday afternoon. Check out the previous post here.

News are gathered from the Play Finland group posts during the week. That is why we recommend you to post by yourself (however not flood) your Finnish Game Industry related news to the group. It also guarantees that your news will be visible in the weekly newsletter /news compilation. Play Finland is at the moment one of the main channels for sharing information inside the industry.

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📢 Announcements:


  • Neogames Finland is updating the lists of games released in 2021 and active Finnish Game companies. Based on game list Finnish Game Awards 🏆 nominees are voted. Deadline for game list updates is 11.3. Please check that your companies and games are listed, and if not or if there are mistakes, please inform by email to me; suviATneogamesFi.

📝 Open jobs & Recruitment:

  • If you are looking for talented games industry professionals for short- or long-term hire – please check out the anonymous GameDevTalents board with screened and pre-interviewed talents ranging from mid to senior levels of experience and open to career opportunities. Feel free to reach out for details! And if you are Talent working in games industry or willing to join the Finnish games industry, feel free to apply https://gamedevtalents.comTake a look at https://thehub.fi/jobs for the current list of all jobs available in the Finnish Game Industry!
💬 Discussion
  • Anna Pgr asks if there are any other board gamers in Play Finland? Anna recently turned board gaming hobby into photography hobby. See the Instagram blog here
  • Jukka O. Kauppinen asks which of Finnish Game companies has got their birth at traditional Assembly demoscene events
  • Karim Alian asks if anybody know good ways to convince a video game company to let an individual dev to make a PC-game or two for them (so that they’d release it physically)? Based on their ip, that is.
🇺🇦 News related the war in Ukraine 🌻
  • PlayFinland Admin note; War in Ukraine has now continued two weeks and it is getting even more brutal day by day. Cities are demolished and civilians are suffering. Game industry has already taken several actions, and we have discussed, both in Finland as well as European level about available options and ways to help and react. Please find below a short summary of those discussions.

    What do Ukrainians want
    – Political support. Even the small acts of solidarity (e.g. public statements) help
    – Financial support. There are number of games industry initiatives to support Ukrainian people already shared in this group. See also: https://how-to-help-ukraine-now.super.site/
    – Medication and supplies: Ukrainian association in Finland has reopened central warehouse in Kattilahalli. The list of needed medication and supplies and more information: https://ukrainians.fi/en/donations0308/
    How to help refugees directly
    – Help war refugees to transit in their destination.
    – Help war refugees through immigration bureaucracy
    – Endorse and enable cross border remote working
    – Help local games industry companies to hire war refugees or hire a remote working game developer from the warzone
    What to take into account while talking about Putin’s war against Ukraine
    – This is not special operation but war. Neutrality has its virtues but those virtues fade away in wartime.
    – Do not promote Russophobia. By doing so, you are only supporting Putin’s war propaganda.
    Game industry specific actions
    – Some game developer studios are stopping all their business activities (both B2C and B2B) with Russia. This might increase awareness of the war among ordinary Russians. On the other hand, it might support Putin’s narrative that the West hates Russians.
    – At the moment Games are not controlled as heavily as other medias in Russia. Some game developer studios are mapping ways to secure that information on the war on Ukraine reaches ordinary Russians through games.
    – Multiplayer games are not able to escape war propaganda and toxic behaviour in their online forums. Beware of Trolls.
    – Some game developer studios have closed down their in-game advertisement since ad networks have not been able to stop in-game war propaganda ads.
    – Make it easier for Ukrainians to play games. E.g. Some more HP for Ukrainian gamers is one way to show that we care.
    Of course, all the game studios make their own decision in these matters. Consider, what are the most effective lines of action in your case and do those.
    Take care of your employees and yourself. The war in Ukraine is likely to be a long process with even longer tail of hardships. Resilience and stamina are required.
    Still we hope Peace & Love (maybe more than ever)
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