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EGDF & Neogames Finland released Play To Earn discussion paper

Play-to-earn is currently among the hottest buzzwords in the games industry. Play-to-earn (P2E) is predicted by some to be the long awaited disruption of game business after free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (premium). For that reason Neogames Finland has compiled in co-operation with EGDF a discussion paper about Play To EARN. This paper aims to provide a general overview of this sometimes overhyped phenomena and explore key challenges this emerging games industry sector is likely to face before becoming established.

Games Market Study: China, Japan and South Korea

This study gives a brief overview of the games markets in China, Japan and South Korea (Republic of Korea). The main focus of this study is on the South Korean and Japanese games markets. The Chinese games market was investigated in detail in an earlier study published on the Neogames Finland website in 2016. Asia-Pacific […]

Game industry action plan for the City of Helsinki

As a part of EU-funded Baltic Game Industry (BGI) project the City of Helsinki has formed an action plan for supporting a local game industry. The plan aims to improve the conditions for the game industry in Helsinki and it has three main actions. 1. Improving accessibility of public support measures for games industry SMEs […]

Three ways to bring Finland to the forefront of the digital shift

During Autumn 2018, Neogames summarised, for a second time, a comprehensive overview of the political objectives of the entire ecosystem of the Finnish game industry. The full policy paper can be downloaded from:–2024.pdf The policy paper is available in Finnish here 1. ATTRACTING THE WORLD’S TOP TALENT TO FINLAND Attracting the world’s top talent to […]

A year in Helsinki Games Industry

  With the help of Baltic Game Industry project Neogames has published a summary of an year in Helsinki Games Industry ecosystem. A printable pdf can be downloaded from here: