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2018: Finnish Games Industry in 2017

2017 was the year of maturation for the Finnish Game Industry. The listing of four Finnish gaming companies into the stock exchange was a major milestone for the industry. According to Neogames Finland Association, also the middle class of the Finnish gaming industry clearly strengthened in 2017, and the year was third consecutive year when […]

2018: The Helsinki Model of Games Industry Talent Building

With the help of Baltic Game Industry project Neogames has published a summary of the Helsinki Model of Games Industry Talent Building. The current version of the model can be downloaded from:


The Finnish Game Industry is committed to keeping our community safe for everyone and has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment in all of its forms. This code of conduct covers the workplace and game industry related events and is also applicable to game education. The aim of this Code of Conduct is to make sure […]

 Neogames Finland / NGI: "CHINA MOBILE GAMES MARKET 2016" report is out now!

The Chinese mobile game market has already bypassed the U.S. mobile game market with both the number of downloads and market revenue making it the most important game market on this planet. Considering all the platforms and devices Chinese market is the biggest in the world as well. Due to extreme growth and huge potential […]


Download this report as a pdf from here. In 2015, the Finnish game industry grew in all indicators. The amount of games published, the amount of employees and the total turnover increased. Furthermore the public interest in games strengthened. The industry’s revenues Neogames estimates that the revenue of the Finnish game industry was about 2,4 […]

The policy framework on the Chinese mobile game market

This report describes the resent development of the Chinese regulatory framework for games. Issues such as the current legal environment in China, the government supervision, the factors affecting the legislation for games and the effective prevention of legal risks are covered in the report. China’s Regulatory Environment for Games 2015  

Best practices: heading to China?

Neogames’ report on the Chinese mobile game industry and it’s possibilities for the Finnish game developers has now been published.  The Chinese mobile game market has bypassed United States with the number of downloads and the marked revenue is expected to surpass so far the largest market, the US, by the end of 2015. Due […]